Hello Photographers and Podcast Listeners!

If you're anything like me, you're on the computer A LOT. Whether it's editing, emailing with clients, posting to your social media, or updating your website. Like many people, silence is deafening to me, so I like to listen to podcasts while I work. I'm huge into true crime and pop culture podcasts, but more recently, I wanted to listen to a photography-based podcast. I find that I learn so much from other photographers and I really want to spend 2020 growing my photography business. Below is a list of a few of my favorites that were recommended by friends, or I just stumbled upon.

As someone new to blogging, I've decided to use this blog as a place to share things I've found and like, in hopes that it helps fellow photographers out there and those interested in learning more about photography.

** Header Photo by Moose Photos from Pexels

Golden Hour

Golden Hour is an amazing podcast full of interviews with photographers and videographers. If you're ever looking for more inspiration I highly recommend this podcast. You may learn new tips and tricks from it, but what I found it did most for me, was introduce me to new photographers I should be following on instagram. You'll hear how these photographers started and how their careers were formed. The podcast is actually created by Polar Pro. I was completely shocked when I learned that, because I never felt like their episodes were pushing their products on you.

I listen to it on Spotify but you can also listen HERE

Wild Ones

Although Wild Ones is a wedding photography podcast, I found it to be very relevant and entertaining for all types of photographers. Nicola brings on other wedding photographers for interviews, including one of my favorite youtubers Eric Floberg. They provide a lot of great information based on personal experience, and who doesn't love a British accent? Nicola doesn't have that many episodes out yet, but I'm hoping she'll continue to make more!

Listen HERE on Spotify

That Creative Life

That Creative Life is an EXTREMELY entertaining podcast for all types of creatives. Sara brings on people in all aspects of the creative field to dive into important topics like money, creative burnout, and quitting your full time job. Not all of the episodes are about photography, because Sara's main medium isn't photography. Below is a list of episodes where Sara brings photographers on to talk.

  • Mango Street - 500,000 YouTube Subscribers in One Year
  • The Art of Photography - Ted Forbes Defining Success
  • Peter McKinnon - Dropping Out of College
  • Jessica Whitaker - NYC Photographer & Community Builder

I listen to it on Spotify but you can also listen HERE

Six Figure Photography

Looking for a photography podcast to help with the BUSINESS side of things? The Six Figure Photography Podcast is great for those of you who really want to grow the business side of your photography. Ben, along with his guests, gives you tips on bookkeeping, what to do when business is slow, copyrights, generating leads, and so so much more. Even though he's giving you a lot of information, he does it in an entertaining way - this is far from a boring podcast.

I listen to it on Spotify but you can also listen HERE

A Couple Of Creatives

I ADORE Lizzie and Chris from this podcast - but I have to be honest, I found them first on Youtube. This podcast isn't exactly like the others on this list because it's often not about photography at all. This is two creative people who talk about their lives, working together, interviewing other creatives, and basically talking about whatever they want to... And why shouldn't they? It's their podcast! I've added it to this photography podcast list though, because they both are photographers/videographers. Some of the episodes may be relevant to you!

I listen to it on Spotify but you can also listen HERE

Heart & Hustle

Heart & Hustle is a podcast about two best friends who are wedding photographers. They give a lot of great advice based on their experience in the field about photography. Heads up that God is referenced a lot in this podcast, so, if you aren't religious at all, this one might not be your jam. But if you love God, Weddings, Photography, and Friendship - This is the podcast for you!

I listen to it on Spotify but you can also listen HERE