Graphic Design & Videography

Visual Design is the key element in optimizing a company’s marketing efforts. With over five years of experience, I have helped companies achieve a positive, professional, and consistent brand image.

NOVA Parks Design Platform

I worked as a Design Consultant for 3 months at NOVA Parks. During this time I set up their new design platform that allowed their park managers to make small text edits without effecting the designs created by the team. I created over 37 new, full campaigns, for their company and uploaded them to the platform.

To view a guide book of the campaigns

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Playbooks & Proposals

Playbooks and proposals give companies a creative edge when selling their services to clients.

Design for Websites

Once a website is developed, the creativity of the visuals brings the personality of the company to life.

Carolina Lane Boutique is an example of banners and photography that show the personality of the brand.

Snapchat Filters

Help promote your business with specifically designed Snapchat filters to be used at company sponsored events.

Videography and Motion Graphics

Videography and motion graphics often go hand in hand. I will set up the location, shoot the video, edit the raw footage and create and add motion graphics. Attached is a montage of various video and motion graphic projects.


Digital illustration can be used in many areas of graphic design such as advertisements, creating swag and computer animation.