1. Brown's Island Bridge

Browns Island, Richmond, Virginia

Veronica and Connor chose the beautiful urban setting at Browns Island in Richmond, Virginia for their engagement photographs.

What is so amazing about this area is that you get the beauty of the river mixed with the dynamics of the city all in one place.

We met late afternoon and spent time on the pedestrian bridge crossing the James River. Here we were able to get river photos while showcasing Richmond’s skyline in the background.

Another great feature of this area is the ruins of the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad Bridge. This adds to the historic ambiance of the setting.

Veronica and Connor chose to change outfits for this session. This allowed me to capture both the fun, casual side of their relationship as well as the romantic side.

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2. Maymont Park

Maymont Park is one of the most popular parks in Richmond, Virginia to take beautiful engagement photographs. Each season at the park is filled with it’s own beauty. Kendall and Chris chose August for their engagement photo session.

We met at the 100-acre historic park during the “golden hour” (just before sunset) so that the natural lighting would allow for many amazing effects.

The many gardens, gazebos and waterfalls, provided us the opportunity to have many different background options.

Two of our favorite areas were the Japanese Garden and the multi-level Italian Garden. Kendall and Chris were able to walk along side and pose in front of red maple trees, wooden arched bridges, stepping stones, rose bushes and so much more.

A few other ideal shots at the park include the collection of carriages, large tree canopies and the Maymont Mansion.

Maymont is a great place to capture the romance in Richmond, Virginia.

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3. Raven's Roost Overlook

As a photographer, I love the many different natural backdrops Virginia has to offer… from the mountains in the northwest to the beaches in the southeast.

Rachel and Strickland chose the mountains for their October engagement photos. We met on the extreme northern end of the Blue Ridge Parkway at a place called Raven’s Roost Overlook. At an elevation of 3200 feet, the fall colors of the mountains created a beautiful backdrop for their photos.

One of the great things about Raven’s Roost Overlook is that it does not require any hiking to get great pictures. It can get crowded with onlookers, but there are still plenty of places to claim as your spot for stunning pictures.

During this session, Rachel and Strickland changed outfits three times allowing me to catch their fun and playfulness.

As the sun began to set behind the mountains, the majestic colors helped to highlight the love this couple shares.

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3. Libby Hill

Because it so closely resembled the view of Richmond-Upon-Thames, England, the view from the high point of historic Libby Hill Park is said to have given Richmond its name.

This seven-acre park has meandering paths connecting the naturalistic upper level to a lower area with stone benches, green space and an ornamental fountain. The beauty of this park and its view of the city is what makes it the perfect place for a proposal.

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5. The Point Overlook

A December engagement photo shoot in Shenandoah National Park proved to be unforgettably beautiful.

Since Katherynne and Tyler live in Northern Virginia and I am down in Richmond, we chose to meet at The Point Overlook on Skyline Drive. This spot did not disappoint.

After just a short hike from the parking lot at an elevation over 3200 feet, we were surrounded by beautiful views of the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains and valleys. 

December in the mountains doesn’t offer much in the way of green foliage. To counterbalance the browns, Katherynne and Tyler wore colors to complement the natural setting.

As the sun went down, the sky took its turn in adding brilliant colors of pink, blue and purple.

Side note: There is a $30 fee to enter Skyline Drive.

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6. Your City

Whether it's Richmond City or Washington DC, your town or city is special to you. It could also be the perfect place for your engagement photos! Amy and Hal chose beautiful Capitol Hill as the backdrop for their stunning engagement photos.

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7. Think Outside The Box

Making the most of a rainy session

What do you do when it rains at the beginning of an engagement session?

If you are Lina and Jeff, you change into your bathing suit and jump into the lake!

This fun couple invited me to their lake house in Sanford, North Carolina to capture their love at home. Just as we got ready to head outside to shoot, the rain started coming down.

We didn’t let the rain stop us though. Instead, we had so much fun playing in the rain while getting some amazing water photos!

As the afternoon came to an end, the rain stopped, the couple put on dry clothes and we captured beautiful sunset photos on the dock.

This unconventional session was so much fun.

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